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  1. I've enjoyed watching some of your videos on You Tube! On one of the videos, you mentioned a mixture that you use to prevent blight. Could you please share the recipe you use? Thank you!

  2. I was watching a blog and wanted to share the name of the rooster with you. This rooster has 5 toes and it keeps him from hurting the ladies because he is gentle and gets a better hold. He is called a Salmon Faberol. I have no idea if the spelling is correct but I think you will be able to tell what I mean. He is a French rooster. Hope this helps.

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  4. Hi, how are you? Let me introduce myself. I’m Tracy Robinson with the Essential Homestead blog. I’m a certified aromatherapist, homesteader, and homeschooling mama. I also have a homestead in the appalachian mountains. Your blog is amazing. I read a lot of your content. Would you be interested in connecting?
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  5. Love your program and just finished watching the one about your septic tank and it brought to mind something I've been doing for l5 years since I first bought my house and had the septic pumped...A good ole local guy who did the pumping told me that if I put a couple packages of fleischman's yeast down my toilet once a month that I would never have to pump again. l5 years later...no pumping :) Just thought I would pass along the tip. God bless...you remind me of me 50 years ago :)

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  7. Just a quick note. I have about 6 or 8 Buff Roosters hatched in early summer this year, want to give them away to someone who needs fresh blood in their flock. Free. they are destroying my hens and I don't have time to butcher. (clsmi@yahoo.com)

    thank you budsmi

  8. Patara,
    I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to share your journey on YouTube with others. We enjoy watching your channel daily! Last fall we decided to start a vlog on our journey to share with others. That inspiration to do that came from you and a few others like Justin Rhodes, Deep South Homestead, & Big Family Homestead. Your blog has been very helpful as well. Our YouTube channel is Natural Living Homestead. I wanted to take a moment and introduce my self & thank you for sharing your journey with others! Please feel free to contact me anytime at www.naturallivingmom@gmail.com

  9. Hi Patara,
    I just watnted to say I love your youtube channel and everything you do. I am new to homesteading and have 4 hens I live in Idaho and this is the hens first winter and what a cold one. They are in a small coop with expansion pen and seem ok they are not laying much anymore.I did notice they have some frostebite on there combs some of them are white. What should I do?I have researched and hear so many different opinions.So I thought I'd ask you? Thanks do much and blessings to you and your family!

    Sincerley, Laura from The Humble Homemaker youtube channel.