Homemade Biscuits

          Who doesn't love fresh, homemade biscuits? For many Appalachian folk, life just wouldn't be so without biscuits, homemade butter and molasses. They are a time honored treasure you too can enjoy with this simple and delicious recipe! ~


  • 2 cups All Purpose flour
  • 3 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • Pinch of salt
  • 5 - 6 tbsp real butter or lard
  • 1 cup whole or buttermilk


Thoroughly mix all dry ingredients in a bowl. Add in cold butter/lard and crumble into the dry flour mix. Mix until coarse and very crumbly. Then add 1 cup of cold milk. Mix and knead. Place dough onto floured surface and roll 1/4-1/2 inch thick. Cut biscuits with cutter, or jar or ring. Be sure to straight cut and not twist the biscuits out as that will seal the dough. 

Bake in baking pan or cast iron skillet for 15 minutes at 400 degrees.

Have the gravy, butter, and molasses ready! Enjoy!~



  1. As an old gezzer, if a lady can make great biscuits then she is a keeper.

  2. I am currently making these for my family for the second time. This is the best biscuit recipe I have come across and my family LOVES them. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi there !!! Finally I am at your blogspot !! which is so rich of lovely heartwarming , heartfeeling and true , knowledgable content as well ! I subscribed on your youtubechannel now like perhaps some few months ago , I think something like a half a year now ? and every now and then I have been watching more of the chickenthings actually but now I began to ' explore the where does she come from and how , what :-) ) . And it seems no coincident I just hit that recipes-button and this one pops straight up after just having watched that video :D , I MUST have that recipe I said and WOILAAA !!!! thank you so much !!! p.s. : I'm sort of at that stage where no one sleeps at night and work is everywhere you look , gosh , how did u guys make it trough the days while there was no sleep ? currently still benefitting from the fact our street has elektricity before it gets switched off , so lots of work ! and baking ? lets do these in the oven while it still can right ? :-)) making a stashpile for the coming days haha OMG heavy duties here !!! Kind regards out of Belgium and yum getting into those awesome biscuits !!! XOXO ( sorry forgot to mention : ALSO love from Zoë ( teens -_- :D )

  4. I love your video's keep them coming I cook with u at times thank you

  5. I love your recipes so far I'm old school so I love your ways please contact me if you want to and thanks for sharing

  6. I am looking for your apple butter recipe.

  7. Just made your biscuits! Girl,i have tried many recipes but none so good as yours! recipes I have used are mostly too dry and i'm afraid to add more liquid and then mix again - watching your video helped me overcome my fear of over mixing and using more than 3/4 c. cold milk or buttermilk.
    I've got one of your biscuits slathered in butter and honey right now an WOW! thank you soooooooooo much!

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  9. Where is the Elderberry Syrup recipe PLease??

  10. These are hands down the best ever biscuits! I've been searching and I can end it here. Thank you!!! Making a sweet version with a little more butter for strawberry shortcake right now.