Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Welcome to Our New Blog!

A typical day on the homestead...

Welcome to Appalachia's Homestead! We are so glad you have joined us on our special journey! This blog is about how a suburban family left it all behind in order to homeschool and homestead in Appalachia. Learn how to begin homesteading and to learn vital skills. So, come along with us on our journey as we left it all behind to follow our Appalachian roots! We give thanks to God for guiding us on this path! ~


  1. ~I told you, You are A Rock Star~~~ This is the one folks~ <3 you~ ;)

  2. Woohoo! I knew you get get blogger down in no time flat! Let me know when you are ready for wordpress!

  3. Love your premise and what you are achieving. Wish I was young enough to go full throttle like you are doing, but I can be content with small steps, right?

    1. Small steps is the key to it all. And THAT is coming form the most impatient person on the plant... me! ;-) Keep at it! ~~

  4. Hey,Patara I'm a newbie but love the recipes and all the things I have learned . I'm HOOKED!! Keep the you tube videos coming.The joke at my place if mom's on the phone she is watching Aunt Patara (lol)