Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Spectacular Speckled Sussex ~

The Spectacular Speckled Sussex

I want to talk to you about a special Heritage breed that I never expected to appreciate the way that I do. When we started adding new chickens to our flock, I honestly had zero experience with this breed. I find that to be the case with everyone that visits our homestead. They have never seen them and instantly fall in love with our Speckled Sussex! Not only do they have the friendliest disposition, but they have an amazing and brilliant look! Their feathering is best described as having a rich reddish brown and black color with white tips. A striking appearance combined with the fact they are a wonderful dual purpose bird and lay beautiful slightly tinted eggs, makes this a bonus for any chicken connoisseur.

We have two sweetheart hens that are the best of buddies. They are always together and they absolutely adore my husband. They are “his girls.” They love to follow him and always fly up to the top of the hay bales to greet him and giving longing looks for a treat or two. They’re smart. They’re spoiled. They know it. Make no mistake, they are sweet as honey even though they are colored like spice. They are very curious and understand their place in the flock. They stand clear of the more forward birds and flow so easy with everyone. 


This breed originated from England at the time of the Roman Empire and comes in many colors. It is known to be a great dual purpose bird, a good egg layer, and also cold hardy. We have found them to be good foragers, yet they have no problem when being confined to our barn if there is bad weather. What I love the most about this breed is their eggs! They may lay up to 260 per year and the color is exquisite. They are a soft vanilla hue and make for a wonderful omelet!

So, I say to you… if you are looking for a special variety with unique beauty, a calm disposition, and gorgeous eggs, look no further… a Speckled Sussex is perfect for you!

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  1. Thank you for the gracious words about the Speckled Sussex. They are our first experience raising chickens, and we have, without a doubt, made the best choice possible. :) They are very conversational, too, both to me and to my husband. :)