Tuesday, November 3, 2015

7 MORE Ways Eggs Can Help Us! ~

Eggs are excellent. They are delicious and they are a true super food! We are continually finding out how advantageous it is to have them in our diet and how many wonderful recipes there are. Not only it is important to consume eggs for health reasons, I encourage you to eat organic and farm fresh! It is for your benefit and helps in supporting a local farmer. It is truly a win-win situation for everyone!

Easy to Digest - In a world of highly processed foods and many existing guts issues, eggs can be very gentle on the tummy. Organic and farm fresh are highly recommended!

Breast Cancer Risk Reduction - According to several studies, consuming practically an egg a day can decrease the risk of breast cancer as high as 44%!


Improving Eyesight - Those that consume eggs on a regular basis tend to have healthier eyes with less degeneration and development of cataracts.


Desirable Hair and Nails - Rich amino acids found in eggs can improve the beauty and strength in both hair and nails. Win!


Weight Management - Eating eggs provides rich, natural protein to the body and are very fulfilling helping one to not over eat and to maintain a healthier body weight

Strong Bones - We all know that our bones need calcium. Eggs, which are rich in Vitamin D, help aid the body in absorption of calcium.

Brain Health - Eggs help provide folate and choline to the brain. These aid in helping neurotransmitters, nerve cells, and assist in overall brain function.


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  1. Good to know about the health benefits of eggs. Storebought eggs make me sick to my stomach but I do alright with my free-range home eggs.